Sea magicians and Ocean spirits, the 4 brothers were near by.

9 thoughts on “TELCHINES TRICKS

      • Sorry for the delayed response, Agnes! I am a sports fan and in recent days have been several important football events in Europe, that I’ve watched. Also, I am connected wholeheartedly on Champions Tournament in women’s tennis, WTA Singapore. We got there by Simona Halep, who is number two in the world rankings and all Romanians expect a great performance from her. Regarding the last exhibition where you attended, I went on the website of the French Alliance, but did not show the works exhibited. I wish you success for future exhibitions and I hope, that I can see them on the Internet.


      • That web page, I have seen already, Agnes! There is only one work of yours. I assume you have exposed more!? “Ape” seems to be, a very interesting personaj! Can I see his pictures?


      • Well I am preparing an exhibit in France for June 2016 and working on pictures to go with literature extracts. It will runs in Provence from June to September 2016.
        Most of the pictures I exhibited at Alliance Francaise are on my blog, so I am sure you are already familiar with them.
        Ape is unique and his art is a voyage into a world of fairy tales and monsters.
        I started a WordPress site on him a while back but gave up for a while. I am still eager to promote his art and we worked closely for few years even if we have known each other all my life.
        For now it is suspended in time. Please feel free to visit it even if I do not post anything on it anymore for over a year.
        I just came back from Sculptures by the sea and it was gorgeous. Will be posting some new ones soon. For now have a wonderful Halloween my friend!

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