Non finito is a concept in art, and most commonly found in sculpture where the artist chooses to leave the work unfinished. The origins of this practice come from antiquity and the philosophies of Plato. Platonic philosophy states that any work of art, or otherwise, never completely resembles it’s heavenly counterpart.

They all ask me to tell them about Love. They want to dream that it is good and it is fair, but I know better.

I know it builds and destroys.

This is what I know…For an empire or a new world none could cage it.

Describe it then, they ask…

And the words pile up at my lips without going further. No one can I respond.

Then I add: If you show me one poet who tried I can show you where he failed. If you show me science and facts, magic and faith and I will laugh for it would be drops of water in a wide ocean.

If you condemn me to try to draw its face, eternity would not be long enough.

You can have millions of glimpses of love everyday through light, sounds, taste and touch, you could almost feel you are holding it in a song or a scream. It lingers between the pages of the book you read in your childhood, the one you will never forget, but it won’t unveiled itself totally in one shot, so the puzzled remain unsolved.

Most think it is a dream many search and dig for it, because they don’t know better. Others are scared and terrified and so they should, but how empty and futile their life is now as they refuse to take a sip at the potion. Or is it?

Behind the crackled lacquer of the master painting it gazes at the bystanders. It shallows and consumes, molds and pushes few of us to limits never imagined. It makes you give and never take, in tears and in joy it transcends this empty shell of one life to the next: An unfair, unbalanced and warped exchange you may think but I see it differently.

I am there at the unlocked gate, always.Unnamed

« – Vous êtes si malheureuse que ça ?

– Qui t’a dit que j’étais malheureuse ? »

– Vous dites que vous n’aimez personne et que vous n’avez que vous.

– Eh bien ! Où vois-tu du malheur dans tout ça ? »

Les âmes fortes

8 thoughts on “NON FINITO

  1. A wonderful path to your art. I appreciate the introduction which sets the stage and bridges understanding, then the words that lead up to the image provide for the final impact of the viewing. This appealed ot me on many levels. Thank you!

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