Flower Army

I am not a fan of flowers.DSC012591
I have the good sense to appreciate their overwhelming beauty in a home or a garden but compare to what flesh does to me, human, animal or mineral, Metal, wood or Water. Flowers don’t even come close. I have a hard time with femininity, my own included. There not many thing more pretty and feminine than a flower. There are innocent looking flowers and poisonous looking ones but none have honesty in their look. They are just there for the show. What is wrong with that you might say? Well absolutely nothing except it doesn’t correspond to my sense of values.DSC01200

Flowers lack drama for me and I am aware this is a very personal statement. However I always enjoy looking at them from far or close, and when they come to me as an army like in spring time….well I can only surrender. So here it is a bit of tulips on Lurs (Provence) and Manosque’s cherry blossom flirting with silver olive branches.


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2 thoughts on “Flower Army

  1. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I like flowers
    I really do
    But I do not like
    Green eggs and ham
    Unless they are served
    With flowers

    That was random… nice images.


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