Age of Freedom


On se retire de l’amour comme on se retire de la vie, pour qu’elle ne devienne qu’une succession d’événements sans conséquence. 

Take away the magic, forget the myths, and pinpoint the righteous and judgmental. So many of us lost their beauty into the labyrinths of being responsible adults.

Fear has been taking over most of us in a single hold. Tough arm around our freedoms, and then we live as the rest barely breathing, barely feeling. We don’t hurt, because we took away all values from life itself. We think we live for others taking care of the fragile ones when we are spreading our fear to them. Some call it responsibility: what a righteous name, what a silly game! We are breading caged birds…

AgnesOnHerGrandfathersLap 229Cape Schanck Vic, Australia Summer 2011


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