Mirrored SandGlass

The scenery was upside down. No really, completely! Road up, sky down but always changing as we passed millions of interesting wide open countrysides. Light was coming from the ground, smells from the sky. I became bored and slowly my eyes shut as dreams went crashing in.

I crossed over the mirror and I fell trapped in the top part… All was white, a powder or sand was covering all things. The other world had its sky at the right place. The light came from the veiled sun right above me reflecting on the pure ivory bellow my feet.


The woman of all my previous dreams was present as well in her black 12 century dress. The softness of her features were only disturbed by a thin and pale scar running from her left ear to her chin. I also knew even if it was invisible from where I was that she had a small dark birthmark on her right hip. A deep dark point on the milk of her skin. I had no idea why I was so sure of that definite sign. Both the scar as well as the dark spot, made her more striking more fascinating somehow. I had to touch her. I needed contact with her, I strongly felt it was part of my survival.

The warrior came from nowhere as white as our surrounding, blending in, the sounds of his feet muffled down by the fluffy white cover. His silhouette standing out barely from the grey sky above. I was hiding staring at the feminine figure when the white arm holding a knife cut down the air curtain around my face. I was so close to her and he was so close to me.

Another setting and another war, but the same warrior and the same woman. I was doomed to fail saving her in all my dreams, I would always struggle, fight and even scream while the knife would reach for her throat. In all dreams she would make no sound as her thick red blood would pore down and life was escaping her body at each beat of her heart. The cut was perfectly aligned with the old scar as the past to the future. One healed one fresh. A worked finally done!

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When would the dreams stop or change issue? How many times did the same story with different scenery come to me making my rest impossible? I already knew that as soon as death was unmistakable I would be caught in the sand glass dragged by gravity into the other side of the mirror with all the sand surrounding me, going back to a beautiful sky below my feet.


I am tired now…good night A.

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