Airlie Beach escapade

The mining industry come first and it is more than obvious. All ads on the billboards are about material, construction, heavy machinery and services to workers. It has special insurance for high risk jobs, tattoo parlours, real deal pubs and bars, Ute and truck rental, get fit accessories and potions, marriage counsellors, divorce mediators, car and motorcycle magazines.

Ok let’s say I love it! The amazing combination of the workers, sugar cane and coffee plantations linked with mini trains going back and forth to and from the main mill, a sprinkle of laid back / surfer attitude in the Whitsunday, is the magical recipe.

Then you are armed to bypass the cheesy weddings, the hiding millionaires in their other paradise island and the occasional dirty old man looking to score big time. Live rock is a must and pretence not welcomed.

The spot is gorgeous, the attention friendly and the feel unmatched.

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