Frog race captivates crowd at Magnums Airlie Beach

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Halloween is dead or never woke up in here.
We must have been the only ones dressed up. I had couple of guys almost insulting us as witches on the street. It was like an old moulded taste of ancient fear. So I must be wrong Halloween is very much alive in here like old tales and disgust. At every turn a real zombie was saying something mean.At the bar they had a frog race going on. It was fun to see the owner of the frog. His face was a map of Ireland and he kept the bets rising. Fascinating how the fever was catching on these boys faces like a life and death situation. Nothing was more important than these frogs with little tags on their back jumping back and forth in a metal circle. One men, a tower of muscles, bold with no neck came to me drunk but sweet. He tried on my skull glasses and we shared a drink.
I can’t wait to go and take my broom stick back on an ocean ride.

2 thoughts on “Frog race captivates crowd at Magnums Airlie Beach

  1. Do you remember when we were in Montreal and were captivated by Halloween? We had never seen anything like it! Well we have Halloween in Casuarina. Last night we had lots of visits from witches, warlocks and goblins. Obviously it hasn’t caught on at Airlie Beach as yet. We’re so pleased you’re there, and showing Pauline this beautiful part of Australia. xx


    • Janelle, one nice lady at the market in Airlie told me that Halloween wasn’t happening in Australia because it had the trash american aura about it…I said to her that there are many things that America shouldn’t be copied on, but as far as Halloween it was a Celtic beautiful feast, where you could step into a fairytale and have fun with children at the same time. Celebrating death is a healthy thing, it make you more aware of life! and what a great way to do it. I think if some one should boycott something on the ground it has a bad american connotation, it should be Christmas for this over excessive consumerism. I will always remember spending Halloween with you guys. It was not a trick but a very special treat!


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