In these time of fear I am sorry if I offend some. I will surely do.

We all need to believe but…please question!

When I started to work with nudity in my images I was confronted by the many who reduce nudity to sexuality.

2 things even connected doesn’t mean there are the same thing, so please question!

All our life we are torn between right and wrong and so many of us are searching for a guide. We easily pair religion with morality. So many centuries of mixing up the church any church or temple to connecting to a higher spirit and still now…All these men in power claiming to speak God voice! From lace basilicas to even dark hollow caves cocooning the people in a social trance. Yes we need to belong but…Please questions!

I am now baffled by the new religion the opium of the people (not the political circus like Marx wanted to replace religion with) but by the International pharma lobby. I am terrified because I see these new messiahs as corrupted as the previous ones.

So easy to mix science and these new prophets! We are fed what we need to be fed and it is not always for our own good…so please question!

I do have faith in science, but I don’t believe in fast science and I am careful when there is obvious conflict of interest in the information available and the political decisions made.

Call me what you want: conspiracy theorist, anti vax, pro-choice and ultimately anarchist. Labels don’t matter my body is mine and I won’t pray in your church just because you wear the right name.

I will always open my eyes to the one who questions.

2 things even connected doesn’t mean there are the same thing.

3 thoughts on “TIME TO SCREAM

  1. When I was growing up it was the religious right who were pro censorship and easily offended. This still remains but you have a left that’s just as bad (if not worse) feeling others self expression is causing irreparable harm to their lives.

    Yes, one uses pseudo religion and the other pseudo science.
    I’ve never seen anything sexual in your artwork because nothing implies sex. If a person sexualizes it it’s coming from them.
    It isn’t scientific if it’s based on emotions and not reason.

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