I suppose will stir a lot of hatred with this post.

I have found pity.

What make a man kill? Why anyone would choose to enter an army, how do we differentiate killers and soldiers?

I love stories and we all want our life to be a good story. Point taken a good story has tragedy but war is beyond tragedy.

Nowadays most armies are made by choice.

I have always been puzzled by war? How can a man or sometimes a woman find themselves in the army? Why glory has to mingle with death in the eyes of society?

Men old or young participate in killing fields whether virtual or in reality.

Armies are made of mostly immature teens running into the battle only to find butchery. They comeback expecting society to treat them as heroes. They can’t live with their actions but want the prestige they thought they were in title of before they left. This is why we don’t learn, this is why we still have war. Veteran associations relishing in putrid memories of massacres. War memorials, museum or killing machines. Every ceremony, parade distillate in our brain that the only way to save ourselves or to redeem power is through a gun.

What is wrong with men?

I see in their eyes, battles acted in fairs, dreaming of war times while real wars are raging through the planet to fatten the richest.

What is in our double helix that makes us killers?

I listen to the song “the band played waltzing Mathilda” and I cry of lost youth but by the last bit of it my pity runs cold and I only see an older man’s bitterness. I don’t see someone saying I was a killer and I am not in jail but I should be.

I never could understand the mothers who pushed their sons to the military and then being struck by their death. Why would you want your child to kill others children and receive glory for it and then being surprised when another child has taken the life you were in charge to raise and protect? You failed as a mother the day you had tears of happiness seeing him in his uniform.

We have all rage in us. I certainly do! But war isn’t rage. It is cold and calculated. IT IS POLITICAL but it is also levelling the desire to kill in others and using it for power.

As a soldier, is your desire to kill substantial enough to be used by politicians?

if so the only thing you should redeem upon your return is our pity.

7 thoughts on “PITY

  1. I think most of your answers can be answered with one word: Propaganda. People are often made to go to war by propaganda and when we want to make this world a better one we have to learn to close our eyes and ears to that call.
    Unfortunately it is not easy and as some propaganda also works on a subconscious level. But as long as we learn not to give in to hatred and respect the world and all the beings around us we already did a first step.

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  2. Unfortunately, governments on opposing sides drill into their citizens that “We are the good guys; they’re the bad guys.” Then there’s the terrorists who want terrorism. And there are those who simply join in order to “legally” slay the enemy and be able to brag about it. Nevertheless, because of how this world has been since the beginning of time– a defense happens to be necessary. Peace.

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