Believe it or not the ravens are telling you something and the day you only see birds is the day your path is changing.

The ravens came because things change, maybe just slightly for now.

They do. And because of what you said it only confirms it.

Not long ago you believed in magic. Magic in you and magic in me. You called me the young witch. 

The ravens are real but do not obey to reality, their presence had nothing to do with the food you gave. Things were brewing at a big scale and this why they were present at a similar scale from the time I came first to this country to the time you left it.

No matter how much food was offered afterwards they only came sporadically and eventually disappeared. 

You are going back in the wildness of your own world.

Your strength is constantly growing. I am glad you came for a while on my side of the world. Your presence is always welcome, your spirit is always cherish. You are my life.

I am not sad for that but I regret your tone, Finding yourself is what I want.

I will try to follow you without loosing myself

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