I just have to dance because you are silent and I am running to you.

It is a vociferous secret.

It is so dark outside I fell asleep with the need to wake up to meet you. Night still surrounds my shivering shoulders as I turn on the ignition. I am running to you…

When my eyes are close I can see you opening yours, I can hear the floor whisper under your feet, the water running and the door opened.  When I am not with you I am closer.

Don’t notice me, I am as light as the morning dew running through your hair. Not too close not too far and I wait as I run to you.

I wish you wouldn’t think of me, not cursing me and let me run to you in silence.

We are going to the mountains in the new sun, round as a pie swallowed as a feast, midway up the hills.

I am running to you so you can’t see me anymore then I am in you.

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