I was born for love. I thought I had nothing to bring to the already full table of life. In the multitude of heads gathering around as time passes, I saw these with clear targets and what I thought successful existences, other who started lost and then shoot up in stardom. I saw the house wives and the executives, the artisans and blue collars artists. I detected the dreamers from the fruitless spirits, the cowards and the fools. I followed the ones who were free and the ones who wanted to brake their chains. I listen to their pleas and left them because I couldn’t help. I saw myself useless. Who was the fool?

I follow the path that others chose for me as a child, I follow the path of their fear to protect me and lost who I was for a long time.

I had illusion of free will when I sometimes say no to them. You see I loved them all. I cared about all of them, the ones dear to me, the one I barely known and the ones I thought I disliked. I didn’t exist, they did.

They all told me dreams had to be set aside as much as possible because they were dreams. I know now that reality has a talented way to hide in the fog and that clarity is a lie.

I met him in dream and he stayed there for most of my life. I lost my vision in trying to see with others eyes and he became a chimera.

I didn’t know better… each of us build our own reality,  mine was as worthy as the others.

Who is the fool now?

7 thoughts on “CORAZON

  1. Ah dear Agnes, I just realised that I didn’t have the box ticked to receive notice of your posts! Done. Every time I see your images and read your thoughts they resonate with me. Isn’t life the most wonderful journey of exploration and love? My very best wishes to you x

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