ONCE getting undressed, again and again. I opened all the doors even the ones I didn’t want to face, the scary and the unknowns.

These doors are not closed now, but no light comes through them and their secrets are safe again. I won’t tell anymore. It was so hard for the words to get out; then they cascaded down without control. Now they hide again below the surface as my breath is getting irregular.

I felt trapped as a mouse in feline claws. Glimpse of hope alternating with blood and fury. Caught again, slashed and carved. Wounds healed and reopened unregularly, some getting deeper as some closing down into shallow scars.

I realize key notes I gave were forgotten and lost like mist in the wind.

I try to veil my nakedness now. I hide away all my flesh knowing how it is seen. The innocence I once offered is now gone, with the innocence the beauty left as well. I can’t give what was already offered once and willingly lost.

I am flesh and love…And none are wanted.My Machine S

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