I wish I had the strength to bend the bow of our life. Unique arrow of combine desires, a simple target in the infinity of the forest of lost hopes.

Colors for you and grisaille for me, combined into a faded rainbow of water and fire. I entered the realm of stone and brass, ancient prints of love and passions.

You are beside me or beside yourself? Maybe not here at all.

I follow the halls of ghosts thanking the Gods for your shadow. Some doors are opening backward and they always seems to be in front of me. Will they ever open fully? There is no small resurgence, life is crawling back but can collapse anytime.

Each ellipse is making my head spin while I tame carefully my enthusiasm before it is shut down by one lost word. Talk can be charged in pain even the most innocents ones and I forget myself sometimes.

You are a delicate storm.

Hands, backs, frozen gestures compiling more sensuality than flesh and bones. I want us still like them, finding this lost nobility in lust.

Only the light seems moving around us. The dancing has started between shadows and the shy sunrays.

Yes there is a nest in Hell’s gates!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG20180427111054-01IMG20180427105741IMG20180427110953IMG20180427115641

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