My love did you know I don’t like the color blue?

…………………..but I do now?

From a distance it looks like I have a good deck on my hands but each time I lay a card it drains me.

I have been talking out loud in the shadows of the rain and it was grandiose. No scream just tender whispers.

I know people are different when they reach the bottom of the blue, they whine and cry to their old self but nothing can bring back their youth.

I crave for this island in the middle of the ether, known to both of us but dead to you, where arms are made of flesh but not of dreams. An embrace of welcome, an offer of life and youth, as the graveyard is below as dark of my hair taking slowly root in it.

The skies are tormented and the ocean still one minute and the next they switch roles.

I was a gift somewhere in other men dreams and you were a legend to so many.  Green became blue. You say now you don’t matter and in doing so you erase all. The island, you and me.

I am locked me into a box where I am a mute since you know already my voice.

I do like the color blue now and it matters to me.

The rain is light and soft as the ocean roar. How can one water whispering to the other?

You and I are both children of the past lost in the island in the sky. My hair got caught into a narrow box, down down below the horizon, and only you have the key.

You are important

I do matter.

I want to know you in all the shades of blue as I will give you golden reflects of green.

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