Heart dust

I know where men’s hearts die. They burst into the light in a linen sky following the bird who flew away. They become millions of magical dust particles illuminating unfulfilled hopes.  In the glittering clouds, pain is mistaking for hate and anger, freedom misunderstood, love mixed up with expectations.

I walked in the dark toward you, sometimes running, other times on my knees, fumbling toward a constantly changing image. They were no lie but no truth either. I stop asking, I am slowly stopping hoping.

You know horses run in open field not drunk on freedom but because fear is gripping their lung. We are all scared while going towards the water but the only thing I really fear is a dry up shore, an empty riverbed, a dead heart.

Next I need to learn how to fly and fish the magic dust of your heart.

8 thoughts on “HEART DUST

  1. Your insights are deep and magical. If we were animals tied inextricably to nature, life would pass in a less complicated but no less sublime way. We are the entity between beast and divinity. We progress to divinity with our spirit, to the beast with our hardwired DNA tuned to our deep sub-conscious. We evolve by the pain we give or receive in our heart. Love, true love is the only path that will save us and it is narrow and filled with danger. My head elves came up with this after reading your post. I should read more and drink less coffee.

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    • Drink away, I see the beast closer to god or spirit than human and yes pain and love it at the heart of it all. You describe it so well in your stories in all these intimate moments perfectly refined by your choice of words.
      You know how to go deep into details while I only caress the surface letting others decide if they want to join me in the voyage. I am just glad we are traveling together.

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      • Thank you for the kind words. I enjoy the travels. It all captivates me quickly and lets me go gently. I suppose it’s the long gazes that provide all the details for me. Your images tell a remarkable tale. Few words are all that’s needed.

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