It has to start somewhere.

You know it is a formidable journey ahead. Every day I see you going through the waves as they hit your flank. The dark liquid overflowing in me is shifting your moods, making you move where you never been even if you think you recognize the surroundings.

It is the past but in the future, it is familiar but never born.

You are in a new story and the old one can’t help you anymore. The lessons are to be learn again because the maps are unique even if familiar. Your compass doesn’t work on this ocean.

You have hit the road so many time and the sun looks and taste the same however you forget at each turn this ocean is new with new rules.

You quarrel a ghost in the innocent gaze of a newborn and the waves surrounding you drag you further from pain as you fight them.

You are not blind, the veil is blown away enough to hurt you more. Seeing is finicky business…

You have gone so far with such a courageous heart. You have shown so much bravery and worked harder than anyone. However La Bête the only thing you refuse to embrace is yourself. Your ship demands your command and trust, your vessels needs faith.

I am on board and the journey has started.

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