Glass Go


I was screaming in the car today. A primal and deep scream that tore my core and burned my throat filling it up immediately with thick ashes.

No more air, expelling without breathing in- giving without taking, for a life, for my life. I stopped the car and my arms extended far, nails first. I was tearing a veil covering all I could see. All the pettiness, the acid envy corroding them, the blandness without the simplicity the déjà vu never done. I saw many images today trying to make them special but it seemed to be a sterile call.


Glass Go

4 thoughts on “Glass Go

  1. Brilliant photos. Amazing. Good poetry too. I’m hoping you write more verses though. I’m feeling like the poem stopped without actually ending. I know the feeling of wanting to scream. I don’t let it out. I probably should. Too much build-up in the mind. Too much information, most of it negative. Thoughts conflicting with each other, etc. Yes, I understand the feeling.

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    • Thank you Tom. I think you should let the scream out. I wouldn’t say it solved anything but at least something physical happen to acknowledge a crisis being powerless to help others and fighting deceptive thoughts and ideas. 🙂

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