Infinite is LI think my exhibit will make more noise than predicted.

This morning I was welcome by a catholic association telling me that the right wing catholic lobby demanded that some of my pictures would be not be shown. The city representatives came, the maire came, the priest was fetched, and so I left asking to be informed of the conclusion. The issue was escalated briefly and violently to the Bishop. All is now in suspend until “Monseigneur” make a decision…

I announced that if one photo was to be removed all of them will be removed without exception.

The vernissage will take place no matter. The pictures will be shown or flipped depending on the final outcome.

The city is supporting me as well as Benoit De Souza amazing sculptor who is sharing this exhibit with me.

All I wanted to express was love and admiration, now I am torn between disgust and a good giggle.




  1. Ha! The right wing Catholic lobby should visit the Vatican and take in the shocking and priceless works of art there. It’s a very popular thing to do these days. One group campaigns to have their perversion deemed normal and acceptable while suppressing with prejudice any truth or art not generated by their own hand. let the people judge. Art is not the domain of religions or governments but of the wellspring of our humanity. Best of luck to you.

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