It was in a place where the compass was reverse and the sun had 3 colors. Many warriors had died this day for a god they were told to worship, but as their blood streamed down their lifeless body their deity had refused them pity or even a painless death. You would think that they had not enough faith to sustain what had hit them in the morning…or maybe you would realize that their prayer were lost in the translation.

Words without sounds like in the scriptures, symbols on thick parchments for the ones hungry for power. Real humility doesn’t need written text.  Wise ones had no use for the future but only lived in the present. Words were made in the past to last in the future bypassing the only important gate of wisdom.

The woman was only a shadow weaving in and out of the vegetation in the darkness. It is when the sun was hiding that she could see further. A shadow in the darkness is like a song without sounds fusing directly into the heart. She had to found the one from who she would learn. She had to give him all she had with an open conscience so he would achieve his destiny and she would become the sharpest instrument in the magical world.

There were no sacrifice in her giving even if the process might be painful and violent. There were no need of reward from him either.

It was just as it should be, a simple and perfect fusion of 2 unique souls. No one was lost now. It all made sense as long as they never become a story.

The quest have started.



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