She told him

Run my dear run away, don’t bother to hide now because the eyes with no heart-the tongues with no mouth, will find you. They have power you can’t imagine as you are what they fear.

She was dreaming of a place where he would be finally safe, no questions would be asked and the eyes in the forest looked away.

She could almost picture it now, a pure valley of sweet surrender, acceptance of oddity. Where all have a different definition of reality but none would collide and hurt each other. Where the powerful would not seek to crush and the powerless to side with the powerful for the sake of survival.

So he ran

He ran towards the sunset where the sun dies in the dust before it could be born again in the water. He went were a patch of ravens were dancing on top of the tallest braches of an old tree. He ran down below the earth, where the stones are sweating and drooling like Cerberus.

He escaped the wrath of the living to go into the kingdom of Hades where he met the smiles of a toothless man who told him where to find the door to the other side of the world.

The sun beamed through the door ajar and the double headed dog stopped pulling on its chain to go lie down peacefully.

Beyond, while his eyes took time to adjust a thin hand was reaching…hers. The same hand, the same voice who told him to run.

He and she went full circle and left behind the eyes with not heart-the tongues without mouth. Cerberus had closed the door after him. Their bitterness more than the beast’s bile seeded Aconite.

Their joy gave birth to the moon, because we all haunt ourselves between light and darkness.


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