Re scaledLast night I saw you as a young one in the water.

Did I ever told you I was once scared of fairies?

Children are fairies.

Their kingdom built on crushed glasses of adults’ dreams.

The transparent towers of their stories so pure and bright, helps us in its hollowness to view what touches us deeply, because only through the void you can grasp true beauty. Fairies use birds as messengers and glow when called. As a mother, I am aware of the fear to shut off unintentionally their sparkles or even tone down their voice.

I believe we were fairies once with big black holes for eyes swallowing all colors and taste of life in one big gulp, our hungry mind processing it so fast. Darkness within light. This is when enters obscurity.

On the other side of the path lies sadness. It paralyses us. We can’t hear anymore all these millions of surprises life is all about. It was taken away, stolen so we remain immobile and moving seems beyond our reach.

You have entered a while back the other kingdom, the dark one, mesmerizing and beautiful and so rich: in it sadness, who makes life stand still, withdrawn. Our feelings becomes numbs, novelty becomes mute and this is when I hear you whisper: “No more…”

I can only imagine how tired you must be as you always seems to think that the next turn of the path is the last effort you have to offer. You want to give up and stand still be blind to what could be seen beyond the glass facades, in the shadow. You desire the gift of surrendering, slowly detaching your armor and laying it down on the floor.

But La Bête, fairies are glowing in you… in her. They need more fuel and all the sparkles are trapped in the layers of your metal shield now resting at your feet.

Buy yourself more time. Be patient and open to your own sadness take the time to ask questions more than answering them. You own these questions more than the answers. Live your destiny.

Last night I saw you as a young one in the water. You were alone going deep and then floating letting your spirit rest, go beyond all dreams. You became the limit. The limit between the fairies kingdom and the darkness.

3 thoughts on “GLASS WINGS

  1. `Children are fairies…. Their kingdom built on crushed glasses of adults’ dreams.

    Eloquent and accurate in its ówn methaporical way…
    An excellent post… thanks for sharing… best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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