The deck is cockeyed and my hand is ambiguous. Why trying to make sense of what should remain a mystery, why engaging in foreplay of the mind as the horizon opens itself?

The game has no sense yet and maybe never will. I still play it. This particular round is a dance with nature and my daily life is blissful. Every bits counts, I know. The sublime is always short-lived. I follow the point and the curves, bend and caress the fullness of the delightful tastes encountered. I abandon myself at each turn one card more voluptuous than the last. Life is giving and filling my senses.

fortune whispererQuestions are for intelligent souls, I am just a drifter tossed around in a destiny I finally acknowledge few years back. Yes, this game has no fairness no morality no expectations. It comes and goes, with pleasure and then torments, getting me higher. No control, no foresights, no manipulation. Chaos: beautiful, glorious and absolute chaos.

When did it really started? I am not sure but surely before I was given a name. As for its ending…it is full of fresh dawns, a perpetual shuffle. So I cut and I deal, I take my chance when it is my turn but most of all I want to give my best cards to the ones I love, this love I have absolutely no control over.

Please allow me to introduce myself

I am chaos, absurd, lopsided and ludicrous, please to meet you, hope you guess my name.

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