15 thoughts on “Latest Exhibit until the end of the month

      • At first look, i liked “Lichen” painted by Jennifer McLennan. Your art is on another level. It’s not for eye but for spirit. Your graphics creates interior spiritual controversy by strongly contrasting visual impact. Some people will accept your spiritual challenge, others not, but no one can remain indifferent to your art. As a engineer for water instalation, i’m familiar with the metal part of your graphics. I never thinking, that these mechanisms with which we work every day, could have artistic valences. You did it, you have successful, and this is your originality and value as artist. If i had the necessary budget, first i buy Jennifer’s “Lichen”, for my bedroom, then i buy all five pictures presented by you, for my office. Definitely i have the coolest water engineer office (from all over Ilfov District), with your art collection! With six months ago, when i have first contact with your artistic vision (following your blog), i started to have a different perspective about my job, and thank you for that! I think you’re an artist courageous, original, valuable, that has something to say and you have to say, in your way. I hope to sell all your paintings (although this is not the measure of your art)! Congratulations from distand land of Romania, for you and for Jennifer! I will wait with interest your next exhibition!

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      • I have been surrounded by incredible talents in this specific show and I think it gave my art a different public. I live my days in a male world surrounded by artists of the darkness (contractors). Darkness because of the setting, in sewage but also because they are not recognized. I follow their lead, their orders and their hands as each movement is a story told. The birth of a concept and a logic I can’t relate to since my sense of logic never really worked. Engineers, like you have it, they analyze, they are problem solver. I only feel and understand empirically. I do love where we both work, I do love with who we work. I do not try to fit in…I couldn’t even when I core drill concrete through the floor and I can’t fit in in any country or society, however it will never stop me from loving my surroundings and learning each day more on them and on me.
        I travel through your eyes with your posts, I see something I couldn’t do or create and I admire you like admire all these souls that took the time to open my eyes to differences.
        I am lucky.

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  1. Thanks for the link .. should be a successful exhibition with the very fine art work displayed ! Congratulations 🙂


  2. I have to agree… your art is on another level. It stands out and shouts from among the softer works. You once said you don’t like flowers, your piece makes me think of the thorn among the roses… all be it a beautiful thorn!! 😉


    • You always says the sweetest words…We are all flowers I supposed some more intriguing than others. I do enjoy flowers, the simple ones with transparent charms, the ones that always teach you something precious within their glow. I like them with their feet in the earth and outdoors. I like them free. Even if their perfection doesn’t capture fully my attention. I like them when you capture them with your camera. Thank you so much for being there reading the lines and between…since the very beginning of this blog. Thank you for the generosity of your vision and comments.

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