Lady De Winter

Cold has made an entrance tiptoeing around the shores of Oz.

Lady De Winter will only die from the man who loved her most. Constance de Bonacieux used to whisper it to me in my dreams as I was growing up or maybe her ghost was. A pale light compare to the ice queen. A timid warmth in the middle of the Northen White season.

I am on the other side of the mirror now and Lady De Winter lost her nobility. She has become just Winter, a newborn child not strong enough to freeze the shores around me. She is beautiful though, enough to rapture the heart of Aramis again, children do that when they are happy. They make our heart overflow with peace, and I want to welcome her liked I have always welcomed Madame de Bonacieux.

From my window, I already see the whales on their journey north. They are going towards you as one full circle has reach you yet again. 66 circles this year, and Winter is withdrawing from your horizon to mine.

Exchange of destiny, musical chairs, and the poles are flipping as Winter hides from Constance in order to find her nobility and maturity again.

Aramis was a fool and Constance never really died, she is with you now, may her warmth reach your core in this start of a new cycle while I listen to the whales singing a lullaby to baby Winter.

17 thoughts on “DE WINTER

  1. spring lies down
    tired and weary
    her labor now done
    the nascent summer
    is ready to fly
    ready to sing

    the battle was fierce
    winter surged
    refused to go
    gentle into that
    good night
    so furious is his icy grip

    but he has fled
    to another world
    gathering strength
    until he returns
    summer will dance
    the corn will grow
    and all will seem light

    fall will fall
    winter’s ally
    will soon come
    until then
    we sing
    summer’s song

    Un pour tous
    tous pour un

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  2. Such a wonderful reference to the always trusting and often distressed Lady Bonacieux and her counterpart Milady-Madame De Winter. The image, to me, is so evocative of Madame De Winter’s allure that brought the downfall of many, like winter suspending life in her grip. This was delightful to read made even more so by it’s reference to a canonical classic.

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