Lie to me

A long time ago I asked you to lie to me, to search in your most profound fantasies, to dig in the fatty earth of your imagination and offer to the light all these jewels of creation you possess. I wasn’t looking for reality. I was tasting before it pore out all the heavy raw juices of your incomparable brain.

You did timidly at first and sometimes backwards as an offensive fencing boot. I was touched, touchée…

You also did as a derision to others and yourself because you believed without believing.

It was a start.

So much you shared since then and so much you kept. Life has been commanding you, urging you and wounded you in such a short time.

I try to help but all I could be is a distraction and you couldn’t allow yourself to shade away from reality. Truth was finally catching up.

All was beautiful, from the manmade rainbow to the trip to the magic castle. All were mythical from the many walks and drives to the center of the earth to the Raven’s friendship.

I don’t know how to lie, I don’t know when you lied. It is now all mixed up in a muted sky before the storm. I never knew where reality and dreams end, because nightmares invaded my wide opened eyes and somehow I can still feel your skin. Which one is which? What really happened?

Ravens came yesterday, a kindred of them stirring the stormy sky of Malabar, the murder were not mourning but vocalizing something disruptive. The winds picked up fast as the dark lid closed down the horizon.

The tension crawled under my skin, scratching all the words I made up. It tried to fight all the beauty even you could not destroy. Then I realized nothing absolutely nothing could destroy it.

These years were maybe unreal but were they a lie?


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