You know nothing.

I am sipping from the goblet of the 4 elements a youth potion , for your blindness opened a burst of thirst. Not one drop will be wasted.

You don’t see me, you never saw me.

I am more and less, I am the unknown, and because you think you know, you stop learning.

Life is me. You can take some and it was always offered but can you even imagine what it is anymore?

Until you stop burying your past with your shovel, while the earth is slowly engulfing you, you know nothing.

Until giving up stops defining who you are, you know nothing.

Until you forgive my darkness like I embrace yours you know nothing.

Until, while listening to the sound of your blood gushing through your body and realizing that others are not to blame for the noise, you know nothing.

Until you learn and learn again and again with a smile, laugh at others mistakes and laugh at yours, you my friend, know nothing.Collages6

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