9 thoughts on “Charcoal

    • Dear Carlos, I use a combination of tools. All of them useless without each other. Camera, alchemy, acdsee,even picassa. I have abandon photoshop, they are way too technical for me and their precision turn me off any pleasure.
      All these tools are all at the same level for me, only tools. As long as they are empirical enough for my little brain and sensual enough to feed my visions, I am happy.
      I don’t believe in the status symbol of the camera. I don’t believe in any status except the one of the imagination. Your photographs have this ability like the one of Draco to transport me in place of grandeur or derision.
      Loaded answer to a simple question..

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    • Yes weird…. Where you in Bondi sewage treatment plant in 2013 this picture was taken there. It is the Ape. While I escape above ground for a while. Your picture always reminded me of this shot….

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