OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe ocean, he said, is boring, always the same photographs always the same feeling.

Making love, he said, is always the same, mechanical, repetitive predictable.

I thought he had only watched postcards of sandy beaches and endure bad lovers. But then I realized all joy is coming from yourself and experience become what you are ready to put into.

I guess sometimes it is similar though, like he said.

I wish we could all easily find comfort in this secure pattern when all is twisted, the paths are crossed and the messages obscure. After all, some couples are holding on to this bit of flesh in their torments and some lost souls are reaching for this bit of inertia in the rhythm of the waves to soothe their open wounds.

I haven’t had the felicity of love but the ocean is near and its grace and natural beauty always offer me joy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I get lost in time and details, I gets lost in peaceful harmony. Whether it is from the tip of a finger on my skin or from a grain of sand on the shore, I don’t stop discovering, tasting and being permeable to all sensations even if it means the nasty ones slam me hard and often.

I went back to Malabar and filled up Pauline’s jar of tumbled ocean glass. Each are made by mermaids’ tears, you know? No raven came but I could hear them in the distance.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I never had the same love twice even from the same person.

I am not a creature of habits and relish surprises, but I know love or the ocean will always have something different for me each time.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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    • PS: It came to mind immediately after submitting the previous comment, and has been stuck in my mind ever since, put the image that struck me a few posts ago seemed fitting to these words … well, at least to me.

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  1. Here are some thoughts from a couple of my posts on the ocean… the shore… the sea… which is, of course, where I feel so small… and that’s a good feeling. Please excuse the long post.

    and so i decided to run along the shore of my life
    all the shells are still there
    scattered shattered memories washed by the sea
    wind and sand, salt and sun, time and rain
    the ocean sings the waves dance
    it has always been the way of grace
    love is here
    i am grateful
    for all the love that is here

    A long time ago I decided to stop trying to understand why I love the southern shore of Long Island so much; particularly Jones Beach and Robert Moses. I simply enjoy the sense of peace, wonder and smallness that walking along these beautiful beaches bring to my soul. Add to that, the fond childhood and high school sweetheart memories, and I remain – always – so glad to be back “home” along the shore…

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