10 thoughts on “DISCLOSURE

    • Olympus OM-D E-M1
      Software combo is basic ACDSEE and Picasa… I am not a tech genius and need something extremely empirical when it comes to learning. I was, after all, the absolute worst student when I was young, and failed learning from humans.
      Then I use my imagination and that is another story all together!
      I lack humor in my art and love what you can offer with so much talent and simplicity, it is a joy to see your drawings.
      I love humor.


      • Thank you ! You are really humble and gracious with your talent 🙂 Your artwork is very surreal and reminds me of Salvador Dali. So primarily you are a photographer? I saw you draw as well. What drives you? Is it to express your imagination, tell a story, a professional need or something else? I hope I’m not asking too many questions 🙂


      • The drive was an wolf that thought he was an Ape…A beast. He told me once he was in a cage and that he couldn’t escape, so I started to write him stories that would transport him in another world than the one who caged him. I sent him images to make him forget.
        The beast started to dream again like he used to as a child and began to create images as well so he didn’t need me after all…He never did.
        His fangs broke me in obsolete pieces that were left in the dark side of an astrolabe, There my head is spinning and when I can breathe again I make more images and more words but instead of having a point now they are floating in a black hole. Have a lovely day Lipuster.
        I don’t make much sense.

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  1. No, I see what you’re saying. A wolf that thought he was an ape. That’s a human. Humanity felt caged so you, a being from another realm (perhaps God) brought humanity stories, religious stories, perhaps. Stories that freed him to use his own imagination, which he did, creating stories that excluded you. He made you “obsolete” with stories that replaced you with the Big Bang, leaving you on the dark side of the astrolabe, out where you are viewed as the equivalent of a mindless force. Still you keep making attempts to send messages and images (crop circles) our way.

    Yeah, no problem. I nailed what you meant. Hahaha. But seriously, what you wrote had real depth and beauty, even if cognitively each of us must make our own interpretation. Keep writing! What talent you have!


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