13 thoughts on “LOT’S WIFE

  1. Awesome image … and a great thought to ponder with it. I thought this in the last post, but didn’t say anything, but this one brings it out of me .. but I’m one who considers a naked woman to be the most beautiful sight on Earth … so in a good way, I say thanks & well done.

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  2. Me, too. “Vertigo of the past.” I think that’s probably about the same thing I tend to do, “ruminating” on past events that are negative. It’s a recipe for sorrow. I’m reading a great book right now, “The How of Happiness,” written by a PhD researcher. She says she’s the first of her type of scientist to write a book of this type (as far as she knows, she says).


  3. The striking image and reference to Lot’s wife and the vertigo of the past brought much of my life in focus and also finally clarified the old Biblical story in a way I’ve never considered, tying it to those images and vignettes that play endlessly in my mind. I have a lot of work ahead of me before I can get past all of those pillars of salt. Beautifully done, thank you.

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