KAYU’s Birth

Here we are

Another crossroads I seems to pile without control. One fork here another there and no straight line ahead…Nothing straight indeed.

But I stumble upon a KAYU (Timber in Indonesian) but it sounds like the French word caillou (pebble).

KAYU is a breathtaking furniture store deeply link to nature and its preservation. Kayu is also a art gallery and it will be open in few days, Dec 10th 2014 in Alexandria NSW.

As a local designer or  just in need of the perfect addition to your home, go to the link to see their stock. And if you are a local artist, inquire about exhibiting with KAYU, they have over 480 sqm of space allocated for photographers, or other industrial inspired artists.


In the twists and curves on my path I am proud of helping to open KAYU to the Sydney market.

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