La Granja (the farm)

Autarky is key. This private property in Mallorca was on my path many times before and our meetings are always a pleasure. Nested in a beautiful inland setting, this gem was built on the grounds of a Moresque farmhouse after the Reconquista in 1229 and renovated in the 18 century. A natural spring made its fortune in an island where water was so rare.

In each room you go through time and all the different trades.

We were alone in our visit and the spring sung to us the entire way except when we went down to the dungeon. I didn’t stay there barely taking one or 2 picture of the sad reminders of the Spanish inquisition tortures. I could feel in my core the suffering of so many women accused of sorcery. I knew this path and revisiting it wasn’t part of my quest or needs.

The patio and gardens were soothing afterward and we finished our lonely walk by trying new wine and donuts, a tough combination for my poor little liver.


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