In the company of Men….

Feminist, feminine, femme….So much is said about women, maybe because so many men write about us, they always did and most women as well…



We live in a society that don’t really love women but at the same time it is in good tone or politically correct to portrayed women as smart and men dumb. It is something that disturbs me. A stereotypes that makes me as uncomfortable as much as demeaning women or calling violence against them. Putting down men doesn’t make us brighter or …safer.

In their silence I see the beasts and the wild ones, I see the child and this in inexpressible lightness. This sublime lack of fake drama. In their silence I cherish their mystery. Their complexity is a ignore but so present.

Strength and weaknesses it is just too easy to just categorize or reduce a man or a woman to their sex. There is way more in each of us male or female. Demeaning one sex is trashing the other as well in the same breath. As far as I am concerned, we are degenerated animals, distorted and unfit, but our challenging beauty is worthwhile.

6 thoughts on “In the company of Men….

  1. I admire the power and energy in the simple sketch and that it can be either sex. I suppose the sad fact is that when we demean anyone, we are demeaning ourselves. It’s something we struggle to learn, and some of us never do.


  2. I’m happy to read a post about this topic. I used to consider myself a feminist and still believe strongly in equal rights but it seems lately that feminism has become more about putting down men and making women in control over men which I don’t agree with so I don’t enjoy following feminism anymore. I want equality for both, and one sex being considered better than the other isn’t equality. A human being, male or female should be treated with compassion and respect and shouldn’t be made to purposefully suffer in anyway.


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