First Tarot Reading


Caught between the Cherubs and the Witches I am patiently waiting…well not so patiently actually. My friend M….a came to see me today and decided I needed a psychic reading, I told her the joke Ape once had shared with me about gypsy not needing birth control since they have crystal balls and they see it coming, and she had the grace to laugh. She went first and I kept waiting for over an hour getting more and more nervous to the point of making fun of about everything surrounding me. My skinny derriere was swallowed by a weird victorian velvet sofa that seem to just come out from a 19 century parisian bordello. The gothic furniture and fake candle stick had a moldy sent to them. Not a inch of space was wasted: Books about self discovery (oh boy do I ever want to avoid these!), stones and crystals, masks and scrolls, all were invading my personal breathing space.

The lady at the cash seems to have her eyes constantly closed. She was wearing a pink Tshirt 2 size smaller than her generous figure and her ankles reminded me of the description of Marie Queen of Scots at the end of her life ready to be decapitated. Historian said she was suffering from acute oedema on her legs. However my cash lady had plastic sandals on that looked amazingly comfortable and it was no sign of chopping block around even if a bit of blood would have been perfect in such a voluptuous decor.

A wooden sign on top of the doorway in front of me said “ Ascend to the oracle” and this is where M….a had disappeared… She came back with a smile, apparently satisfied,  so when it was my turn I decided to go and show everyone around I wasn’t scared to play a poker game with Dame Eliane upstairs!

Now about what happened there is totally personal but a lot of intriguing facts were actually raised so My first experience stuck between the flying cherubs butts and the bony cheeks of the many witches was no laughing matter and must I say I shed couple of heartfelt tears in the process. Thank you M….a!

(All the pictures were taken with a phone)

IMG_20131227_142919_425 IMG_20131227_143727_830 IMG_20131227_150645_519 unnamed

7 thoughts on “First Tarot Reading

  1. Sounds like you had a more meaningful experience than my first tarot reading. The woman doing it kept insisting – even over my husband’s sniggering – that I was very musical. I couldn’t really take her seriously after that!


    • Thank goodness Dame Eliane didn’t pull this one on me….Or I would have sang for her and no one can really recover from just a disastrous experience! Jericho”s walls wouldn’t have either.


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