You drive down below into the belly of the dragon where pungent smells linger on you like a bad dream never really gone throughout the day. The tunnel has a greenish glow in the twisting and curving intestine of Sydney. Basins of excrements follow your paths and massive engine create a humming white noise surrounding your every moves. You are in the underworld. It is scary and it is fascinating and I am completely captivated by this aggression on my senses, trying to learn and process information. The doors are all corroded the floors uneven.

It is a long way to heaven when finally you open the huge heavy door leading to…..Safe Heaven. This is where you breathe deeply the ocean at your feet. The sun had a special glow while the waves were slapping and caressing the golden rocks. Time had stopped.

I never ever get tired of Bondi Safe Heaven I never get tired of living after dreaming of death, or just maybe I will never get tired of dreaming after life is at it worse.


IMG_5476 IMG_5479 IMG_5488 IMG_5515 IMG_5521 IMG_5531 IMG_5543 IMG_5556 IMG_5570 IMG_5841 IMG_5844 new

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