Magic wand to Ape’s imagination

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I am never alone there are 8 of us. 7 around the crystal dome which over look constellations and galaxies. Sometimes the sevens stand looking inward and sometimes looking out.
Most of the time they are motionless and suddenly they have swapped places and they turn around inward again and they tell me something I have never understood to this day.
They have no face you can see, it is a reflection of what can be seen outside the crystal dome.
Although very often it just show just a void, and sometimes so rarely huge eyes, blue nacred eyes. I can go there so easily in an immense cavern where he is seating on a massive throne chiseled into what looks like a black crystal.
He tells me about the seven angels and he tells me how a days will come when he will say the time is right. he talks with no voice also his voice  changes. Its a place where I can’t go any further than the end of the path. But I know the path starts behind the sculpted chair of the  black dragon. The seven angels are not really angels. The beast on the obsidian throne doesn’t tell you anything, it is not really a dragon either.
I can’t tell an unknown secret.
I haven’t visited the crystal dome for a very long time but I know that the sevens are still watching patiently. I was never allowed to go beyond the black crystal wall.
I first went to the crystal dome when I was very very very young, in fact I was taken and brought to the black dragon. A mystery I have always cherish and what is beyond the dark clouds has to be imagined before you reach it and I have given up imagining for a long time!

Guess what I have a shovel in my hand.


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