I lived in Quebec most of my adult life and Once upon a time I was told I was a raven by a wise native American woman. At first I thought it was an insult. My European background made it difficult to visualised a positively the black bird. She explained to me I was “change”, the crossroad, living between worlds. The raven for the Canadian first nation is the symbol of metamorphosis, transformation…

I had dreamed to live on the other side of the planet while growing up in Provence. I was a sad little girl in France and swore to myself to escape one day.

After my studies I went to Canada and lived there for over a quarter of a century but always dreaming of the other side of the mirror, “aux antipodes”: Australia.

I finally reach Oz for the first time in January 2011. Since then I had to make life changing choices and burn many bridges. The candle is now lighted on both end into a contrasting ephemeral existence.

Que sera sera but I am not lost anymore.

You might be transported to other continents by some exotic pictures, postal cards blue ocean and white mountains, but I am travelling within your daily life in these places we ignore or are disturbed by. I see ghosts who give my life meaning and dimension.


My name is Agnes Durbet, I am a Canadian in Australia

I came to this country on a dream expecting to be disappointed by an all too rough reality. But I fell in a magic well of creative minds in the most unexpected place.

Visiting a childhood friend (Ape) who works out of sewage treatment and water filtration centres in and around Sydney, I went into the centre of the earth and back, deep into the belly of the city where its guts had the gloomy look and smell of a putrid dragon. Most of the places are surrounded by glorious scenery, offering a world of deep contrasts.

Industrial grounds in the mountains or on the ocean shores are hidden to the public but so ever extravagant and rich. The major theme is water in all its forms, salty or fresh, clean or soiled.

I recognised it was once in a life time chance and unimaginable gift.



Recording everyday scenes and adding some of my perceptions to an already colourful set of characters: Each wave is unique, each worker as well. All create magical scenes made in Hell or Heaven, striking contrasts and a story worth telling.


I found poetry in challenging places. Beauty is trapped is a job well done and in professionally crafted solutions. Tradesmen are a gems, the industrial background a stage, Ape the main character. His words and photographs are as striking as his daily work, defining a precious mind and philosophy.


Then all changed again and I found myself under the Australian tropics. no more industrial surroundings just the infinite beauty of greens and milky turquoise filling my horizon. I am on top of the world looking down to Repulse Bay. Strange name for such a beautiful area It was where James Cook in June 1770 “had hoped to lay up his ship, HMS Endeavour, there for repairs, but the bay was insufficiently sheltered for that purpose. Cook therefore gave the name Repulse to the bay and the small group of islands at its entrance.”

Repulse Bay Queensland

A new life a new chance. Next, by my side the Ape. Let’s walk together on the wild side.

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  1. Fascinating! Born in California to European parents (UK and Swedish) I knew I did not belong and now live in the south of France. 🙂


    • I didn’t belong to the south of France where I was born and raised from a French Moroccan and Provencal background, spent 25 years in Canada…starting again even unwanted in Australia.
      Have Fun Leamuse.


  2. Well done for taking the journey to find where you truly belong and follow your creative quest…. We only have one life time to explore and it is better to keep moving than stagnate like stale water. I look forward to checking in on your endeavours.


  3. Very striking photos. Interesting too, how we can find that the homeland we’re supposed to feel at home in simply does not fit. Likewise, how some people feel like aliens in their own families, even when they obviously share inherited characteristics with other family members. Some people are just meant to travel in body, mind and spirit. Happy travelling.


    • When nothing fits but all make sense, when you breathe and create and when you are alone, this is where you exist. Home is nowhere but in what you can give.
      Thank you for your ideas and great blog.


  4. Thanks for stopping by and liking my latest photo challenge post. I love the photos you’ve posted on your about page. I will look forward to exploring more of your site.


  5. I love the energy of onwards hope in this post. Finding a place where our souls can feel ease is a lifetimes challenge…..perhaps it’s what the space allows to happen within it, rather that the space or place for its own sake.

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  6. sounds like an interesting project, water on both sides, I never thought about the ‘back’side 😉
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my photos for the weekly photo challenge; let there be light.


  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog 🙂 Your blog is fantastic and I absolutely love your pictures!! All the best, Irene


  8. Thank you onceuponanape for “Liking” the post “Where Spirits Flow”. Musicians Of Our World. on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com.

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

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    • Well if you are close you came come over to my industrial paradise anytime. You pictures are vibrant and intense.
      I am in Sydney now a ta disposition pour une jasette informelle.


  9. I would just like to say that you’ve got not only a way with photography — your photos are breathtaking and I’m looking forward to poking around your different galleries some more — but also a beautiful way of expressing things through written word. I really enjoyed the way you phrased several things in this post, such as that you “collect photographs,” and even though I don’t know any French, I enjoyed and appreciated your language mixing 🙂 All the best to you!

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  10. Interestingly route; Provence, Canada, Sydney. But honestly I can not imagine why anyone would leave Provence (a piece of heaven). I have a great affinity for what I found on your blog, because I work in water engineering. I am glad that i discovered this virtual space, from the ends of the earth.


    • Water engineering I wish you would come and visit… See what I see. This is not about heaven because you can belong to one place without being heaven. Love is Hell and only the ones who don’t know it want it. Swann love Odette in Proust wasn’t the perfect fit but it was love. doomed love. Love you never choose and you can never direct.
      Provence is a dead time for me, a waiting game to get a chance to finally live. I did that when I was 23. Many years passed… a life time and I only regret not have been able to have left before. I still admire Provence for its beauty and return when I can to touch base with my roots.
      Never wait to live.

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  12. Intriguing photos! I suppose we all have our stories of uprootedness – I’m originally from the Caribbean and now live in Canada and also have French connections through my husband. Canada is my Australia simply because Australia was a little too far from my homeland – too many hours to travel to the Caribbean! Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing your story here.

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  14. I originally come from Poland, now spending my last week in China after having lived here for a year. Dreaming of southern France 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story. A big warm hug ❤

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  15. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy the wide variety of music featured and perhaps make some discoveries. I usually post once a week and your comments are welcomed. Regards and good luck with all your projects. Thom

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  17. Thanks for your interest in my Bucket List, Australia blog at BucketListSouthAustralia.wordress.com. Guilty: born in Germany to an Austrian mother, Goan father (born in Burma), now a Canadian visiting & blogging in Oz for the first time after a winter blog in SW France. – Ulrike 🙂

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  18. Thank you for your thoughts Agnes, and welcome to Australia – especially Sydney. Lots of interesting industrial sites & old buildings in Sydney; just walk around & see what calls to you. I have many photos on my Flickr page (they need sorting again!).
    Like you, I came to Sydney to start a new life; I grew up in Launceston (Tasmania), a small city where I felt I never belonged. Compared to Launceston, Sydney is a big city, but the inner city & Inner West feel like home to me. I know I belong here! I hope you too enjoy the feeling of belonging and being part of Sydney life.

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    • Thank you Sue, Some say place do not matter. Some say you run away from yourself when you leave. I say it is in opening yourself to the foreign that you find yourself. Far or close leaving can be liberating and fulfilling in so many levels. Maybe we will cross eachother in this beautiful city.


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