She had a spider on her neck, droplets of dew trickled down her back and spread across her shoulder blades, a glittering pathway to the insect’s kingdom.
She love the touch of the visitor, it brought her senses to waken. Her eyes couldn’t see it but the presence was welcomed as she was getting dressed for the evening.The gown had an low open back. The light touch of the long legged animal, made her stretched her long neck and her gaze dreamy. It made her look uniquely beautiful.
For an evening she was a queen and her dark beauty emanate from all her graceful gestures.
…Until she caught the reflection of her back in one of the many mirrors of the ballroom. Disgust and rejection made her jump around in an obscene devilish dance, while her grace dissolved into a satanic rage born in primal fear. She lost all in this second, herself and the others. she lost pleasure and poise.
The spider escaped the attack running up behind the shadow of a tall mirror.
As the woman looked at the mirror she only imagined the image of the creature behind it. Obsessing on the ugliness of the spider she blinded herself to this fear and anger that deformed her own features.



15 thoughts on “BLIND

    • I am not in art but yes maybe a bit in life. We are all courageous every step we take outside of our comfort zone. You have interest in many things, a hunger for life many left behind in adulthood. I always admired spirits like yours.

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      • Thank you Agnes, for the nice words! I am passionate about art and beauty in general, because I also practically an art form. It is about the art of words, poetry. I have another blog where I write poetry in Romanian. This passion I have since in high school years. Although I am now, engineer in the exploitation of water, but I did a high school specializing in Romanian language, literature and history. I had the opportunity to see some of your creations and I liked. You have seen some pictures of me and you liked them. Someday I’ll translate for you, in English, a poem written by me, that I hope you like!

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